czwartek, 3 grudnia 2009

Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne patch 1.24c download and guide how to install

Warcraft III: Frozen Throne patch 1.24c


There are three ways to install WarCraft 1.24c Patch:
1) by connecting to
2) by downloading 1.24c patch file from Blizzard's FTP but not available at this moment
3) by downloading zip file from here:


Guide/Methods, How to install Warcraft 3 TFT 1.24c Patch from TFT Version

When you downloaded TFT Version file, extract to Warcraft III: Frozen Throne folder (for example /Program Files/Warcraft III: Frozen Throne). Thats all, now you have 1.24c version. ENJOY !


- Fixed a problem with the "Chapter Six: The Culling" human campaign map
that was preventing it from loading.
- Fixed an issue that allowed JASS functions to return incorrect values
under certain conditions.
- Fixed an issue that caused the TriggerEvaluate native to return
incorrect values under certain conditions.
- Fixed a minor memory leak when using GroupEnum natives.
- Fixed a crash when using the CreateImage native on PPC Mac.
- Updated Mac World Editor to work with recent JASS changes.
As you know Warcraft III has new patch 1.24c. Warcraft is old game from Blizzard, now many people are using Warcraft to playing DotA on Garena. If you want to play this great game you can download it at Defence of the Ancients.


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